Introducing Bedrock, a Minimal Base Theme for WordPress

Since I started building frontend templates and WordPress themes, I’ve been collecting my own bag of tricks and reusable code snippets. Now at long last, I’ve put them together and gotten them up on the web. Introducing Bedrock – a simple base theme for WordPress web development. There’s a few different parts to this:

The Secret to Enqueuing Scripts in the WordPress Footer

WordPress offers the enqueue_scripts feature, which allows theme developers to carefully manage their script dependencies and versions.  Here’s the syntax: First your register your script – <?php wp_register_script( $handle, $src, $deps, $ver, $in_footer ); ?> Then enqueue it, and pass it the handle that you gave it: wp_enqueue_script( $handle ,$src ,$deps ,$ver ,$in_footer );

How to Query WordPress Posts from Outside of WordPress

It’s surprisingly easy, just 2 lines lets us put on a disguise and start digging into WordPress: define(‘WP_USE_THEMES’, false); require(‘../wp-load.php’); That’s it!  (Replace the path to wp-load with the path to your WordPress root.) After loading these files, you can query WordPress as normal and do whatever you want with all the juicy post data. […]

Some quick tips Project Management tips for keeping your WordPress project under control

To keep the project from spiraling out of control and things getting bogged down, here’s a few quick project management tips for building a WordPress site – 1. A Wireframe is Worth a Million Conversations Wireframes are the greatest thing ever!  Use or Balsamiq to create a lo-fi picture of what you want, pictures […]