Introducing WP Lipsum, a WordPress plugin for instant dummy content and style guides

WP Lipsum is a simple plugin for generating dummy text/style guides for your WordPress site, using fake “lorem ipsum” text and dummy images. This intended for use by theme developers and project managers while building out sites.

I had been working on a dummy content kit for my Bedrock theme framework (under construction!). Then my friend @sensoredmedia made the complaint that there’s no good Styleguide plugin, like they have in Drupal

So I went ahead and put my dummy content kit into plugin form.  This is under construction, but already I’ve found it very useful.  Best of all, it’s super easy to add your own additional lipsum templates – great for working on multi-language sites, or other specialized uses.

Update – New Version

Thanks for all the great feedback on my 1st plugin! I’ve updated this so it works with over 20 template fragments now, useful for lots of diferrent types of pages and content.

Learn more here, or check out examples of the basic content page or the auxiliary content page.

Download it now from the WordPress plugin directory:

If this sounds useful to you, please try it out and let me know how it does. And if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!