Introducing Bedrock, a Minimal Base Theme for WordPress

Since I started building frontend templates and WordPress themes, I’ve been collecting my own bag of tricks and reusable code snippets. Now at long last, I’ve put them together and gotten them up on the web.

Introducing Bedrock – a simple base theme for WordPress web development. There’s a few different parts to this:

  • a collection of frontend best practices and conventions, I call this “Bedrock Core”
  • a base WordPress theme kit and WP mini-framework, “Bedrock WP”
  • some extra plugins and other resources, including WP-Lipsum

The framework is built around the idea of being minimal, DRY-based, and as self-documenting as is practical. The goal is to optimize for being easy to understand and quick to use.

The official first version of Bedrock is available for download here. Right out of the box, it has a bunch of features:

  • clean, modular code
  • 6 built-in layout types
  • supports post thumbnails 
  • ready for multi-language translation

This is just the first version, soon I hope to add a bunch more features:

  • responsive layout
  • built-in CSS LESS
  • WordPress options panel
  • custom comments template

The theme is also now up on Github. If you feel like contributing to the project, go ahead and fork it and let’s start talking.  A big thanks to everybody who has helped with Bedrock in its long evolution, especially @joepahl, @jeremyivy, @sabraduffiney!

Soon I’ll write more about the concepts of Bedrock Core, and add some more pieces to the framework too.