trying to change the world, on a budget


Own It

When embarking on a new project, there’s a lot of attributes we should try and optimize for:

  • Speed of execution
  • Simplicity
  • Reusability
  • ROI
  • Wow Factor
  • etc

But first and foremost, we need to optimize for confidence.

If the builder doesn’t believe it, who will?

(Real talk: if the builder doesn’t actually believe it, it won’t ever get built.)

As a creator, it’s our job to own it.

Everything else comes from that.


Consistency is What Matters Most

Talent doesn’t cut it.

Hard work isn’t enough.

Communication is key, but alone it’s nothing.

Genre doesn’t matter at all – whatever you’re into, you can create an audience that’s into it too.

In the attention age, it’s consistency that matters most.

Do good art. Tell the world. Repeat.

I Think the Hyperloop is a Maglev Tube Train

For the last couple months, Elon Musk has been dropping hints about a new form of transportation he conjured up. He calls it “the Hyperloop.” Supposedly it will be a “new form of transit”, offering incredible speeds for city-to-city trips – like 30-minutes from San Francisco to LA.

Here’s a recent interview where he gets into it:


Hackerspaces to Change the Middle East

“These are people taking initiative. They are looking to take ownership of their cities and build the change they want to see – serving their communities on the most direct level. At this open space, you have finally found a home to put your talents and energy to work. You’ve found a group you can trust, they are courageous, curious, and want to help you create a better future. You feel happy, you feel capable, you’ve found your people.”

Less than 2 days left on their Kickstarter campaign

It’s not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life; it is how you handle what happens to you

Zig Ziglar

This is Water

David Foster Wallace on mindfulness. RIP



“It is extremely difficult to stay alert and attentive, instead of getting hypnotized by the constant monologue inside your own head”